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(Confronted, continued...)

Sarah’s father is standing in the doorway, his face pale. “What the hell is going on here?” he splutters.

Sarah looks mortified. “Daddy, I…” she begins, then covers her face with her hands.

You decide to help out. “Sir, I’m fucking your daughter. You might want to come back later.”

But Sarah’s dad doesn’t leave, instead he comes over to the table and looks down at his daughter in dismay. You prime yourself to make a quick exit but you keep your cock buried inside her.

“Sweetheart, are you okay? He’s not raping you, is he?” he asks (quite inappropriately, you think.)

“No daddy!” she cries. “Just go, okay?”

Her dad doesn’t seem to be getting the message. He just stands there, staring at his daughter’s pussy. You decide to hell with it and start thrusting again. His eyes go wide.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Sarah” he says sternly, staring at her pussy lips as they pucker and unpucker with each stroke of your cock. “I’m going to have to give you a good spanking later!”

“No daddy!” howls Sarah, her face beet-red. You are surprised to feel her cunt twitching tightly around you. It seems like she just came.

This is all very weird. You should probably finish and get out of there. You start to quicken your pace.

“How is she?” asks Sarah’s dad, out of the blue.

This question takes you aback. “Er… very nice. Tight. Have you ever…”

“No!” he shouts, aghast.

“She’s got great tits though, amirite?” you say cheekily.

He starts to nod, then catches himself and stops. “Bad girl, very bad girl…” he whispers under his breath.

You pound Sarah’s body for another minute before your balls start to erupt. You pull her to you with your hands on her thighs and try to shove as much of yourself into her as you can while your cock bathes her cervix with spurt after spurt of warm sticky love. Then you fall forward on top of her.

“So disappointed,” says Sarah’s father quietly.

You don’t waste time getting the hell out of there, shutting the door behind you. Seconds later you hear a loud smack and a squeal from Sarah.

“Bad girl!”

The End