Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Hyperdreams...)

“Umm… actually I need to be somewhere. Right now!” you say nervously, dodging your creepy parents, grabbing your bag and making a quick exit through the front door.

As you walk down the driveway to the street, your neighbor calls out to you. “Good morning young Emma. Where are you off to today?”

Your neighbor calls everybody ‘young’ because he’s ninety-three years old. He’s in his front garden in his baggy old-man-pants, pruning his rose bushes.

“Oh, Hi Mister Perkins,” you reply. “Just meeting some friends…”

“How nice.” He shuffles over to you. You get the uneasy impression that he’s staring at your tits, but it’s hard to tell because his eyes are really rheumy.

“Umm… Emma dear, could you do me a little favor?” he asks croakily. “There’s something inside I can’t quite reach, and I daren’t climb on the chair again…”

Last year Mister Perkins broke his hip while trying to get a book from the top shelf. You really should help him out, but you’re a little put-off by the fact that, yes, he’s definitely staring at your tits.

You look around nervously. There’s a bus approaching the stop across the road. If you say you need to catch it then you will have an excuse not to go into Mister Perkins’ house. It’s smelly in there!