Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Hyperdreams...)

You haven’t sat on your dad’s lap for years so you decide it’s best to ignore him. “Need any help, Mom?” you ask.

“Sure, thanks honey. You can butter the toast, ” she replies. You grab the spread from the fridge, then bend over to get some plates out from the cupboard under the counter. Naturally your short skirt rides up at the back.

“Holy crap…” whispers your dad in awe. You straighten up and give him a questioning look. He looks embarrassed and returns to his paper. “Err… you won’t believe how short the battery life is on that Apple Watch thingy,” he mumbles.

You shake your head and start buttering. Meanwhile your mother has finished with the eggs. She walks past you and you feel the back of her hand brush against your ass. You think nothing of it, until she walks past again, and this time she gives your bottom a firm squeeze.

“Mom!” you exclaim, now feeling quite confused and flustered.

Your mother looks equally confused and flustered. “Oh Emma, I’m sorry dear. It’s just you’re so… and you’re making me so…”

She gives up trying to explain. Instead she wraps her arms around you and pulls you in for a kiss. Before you know it, your mother’s tongue is halfway down your throat and she has one hand up the back of your skirt, groping your butt through your panties.

It takes all of your strength to wriggle free. During the scuffle your panties get tugged firmly up your asscrack and your mother’s blouse is ripped open, exposing her bra and bulging cleavage. You take several steps back, pushing her away from you.

For a moment you just stare at each other while you each pant heavily.