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(Everybody Wants You, continued by JJ...)

“Sure thing,” you reply, making your way over to him.

Inside, your neighbor leads you to the kitchen, which is full of dirty pots and pans and stacked grimy plates. Mister Perkins points towards the shelves above the refrigerator, although still ogling at your slightly transparent top. “The atlas should be up there somewhere,” he wheezes.

After pulling out a chair, you mount it, making your skirt ride up but still not quite exposing you. You notice your host edge closer to the chair and your long, tanned legs. You can feel his gaze on your legs but decide to keep searching for his book.

“It’s not up here, Mr. Perkins,” you tell him,“ are you sure it was up here?” But he does not respond. You turn around to check on him but find he’s checking on you. Or rather, checking out your underbun.

“Mr. Perkins?” you call out to him, dismounting the chair. He snaps back and tells you that then it’s probably in the master bedroom, “next to the garderobe.”

This seems a bit too far, him inviting you to the bedroom, so you kindly tell him that you have to be going now. But before you can make a step to the door, he makes a lunge at your perky, medium sized breasts as he purrs under his breath. He cups them in both hands but you jump back in disgust.