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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Darkmind...)

You run away from horny Mister Perkins only to find that the crafty old bastard has locked the front door. While you struggle to get it open, he comes up behind you and — CLUNK — hits you on the head with a frying pan.

Everything goes black.

When you wake up he is busy tying your ankle to a bed post. You try to get up but he has already tied both wrists and the other ankle to the other bed posts. Then you realize that you are completely naked.

“Mister Perkins, what are you doing?” you cry in dismay.

“I’m so sorry Emma,” he replies. “But I really need to fuck you and this is the only way I could think of.”

“That doesn’t make it okay!” you shout, struggling uselessly against your bonds, your perky tits jiggling around and your pussy fully revealed.

“You’re so lovely, Emma. Such a lovely young thing!” he says, unbuckling his belt.

“Thanks, but it’s still not okay!” you protest. You watch in horror as his pants drop, followed by his pee-stained baggy white underpants. His enormous prick is standing at attention, curved upwards like a banana. His balls are hanging lower than you would’ve thought possible.

“You won’t get away with this!” you warn the old man as he mounts you.

“It’ll be worth it,” he replies, now in position on top of you. You recoil from his tobacco-breath as he reaches down and fumbles with his prick. You feel his knob as it blindly slides around your crotch and know that it’s only a matter of time before he hits the right spot.

“Let me go and I won’t tell anyone,” you offer desperately.

It’s too late. “Lord have mercy,” whispers Mister Perkins as he finally manages to work his cock between your pussy lips and it starts to sink into you. He’s so big, and you’re so dry. It’s torture!

“Go slow! Go slow!” you cry. Luckily for you, Mister Perkins doesn’t have any other speed. After a minute or two of being poked by his mouldy old schlong, your pussy starts to get wet. You shut your eyes and try to think of Dan. You are forced to admit that, dick-wise, Dan has nothing on Mister Perkins. His cock is filling you completely and you are starting to like it.

The old man can’t hold himself up any more so he flops down flat on top of you. It isn’t too uncomfortable because he weighs almost nothing. He brings both hands up to squeeze your tender tits and pinch your stiff nipples while his bony hips thrust away between your thighs.

“Oh Mister Perkins,” you groan.

His pussy-pumping starts to get quicker and more spasmodic. Then his eyes roll back and he starts spurting decades-worth of geriatric jizz deep into your cunt. Once, twice, three times he thrusts, filling you with his sterile seed, and then he collapses.


This leaves you in an awkward situation. You are tied spread-eagled to the bed with a corpse on top of you, leaking cum all over the sheets.

“Help!” you shout. “Help! Help! Help!” you repeat, over a hundred times.

Your parents next door are the ones who hear your cries. Your father kicks in the front door and they quickly find you in the bedroom. Both are surprised by your predicament. You dad hauls Mister Perkins off you, while your mom starts undoing the ropes.

“Help me with these knots, dear,” says your mother.

Your dad stares at your naked body for a while. “We don’t have to untie her just yet, do we?”

“Oh darling, you’re bad!” replies your mother with a cheeky smile.

The End