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(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheSentinel...)

Taking all this into consideration you throw yourself at your dad thinking this to be the only way out. Pretty soon you are straddling him, grinding your clit against his hard cock through his trousers, with your tongue down his throat.

After a few moments of this your dad obviously can’t take it anymore and he pushes you on to the table and cups your tits in his hands and starts gently rubbing them.

Soon he is rubbing much harder and squishing them together until he just removes your top to expose your bare tits. Next he starts sucking gently and moves on to nibble your nipples.

Now you think about it, your dad is very good at this. You haven’t being this worked up before, even when you were with Dan.

Eventually he lifts his head and moves back a bit pushing his chair out of the way and then he moves down to your legs and starts spreading them wide giving him access to your pussy.

You look back to your mother again who just seems to be using all her energy to restrain herself let alone your father.

Your dad starts by rubbing your panties into your clit but then starts pushing them in further and finally he moves them aside and begins finger fucking you. You gasp as he nearly hits your g-spot.

When he removes his fingers he can’t seem to decide whether to eat you out or fuck you and it’s becoming obvious you’re going to have to take charge.