Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Hyperdreams...)

“Sorry Mister Perkins, but that’s my bus,” you lie, hurrying down the path and across the road without waiting for his response. As you board the bus you feel guilty for not helping him.

The bus is extremely crowded with standing room only. You find yourself sandwiched between two middle-aged business men in suits. As the bus starts to turn a corner you fall against one of them, squishing your breasts into his arm. Then you fall back against the other when the turn is complete, bumping him with your ass.

“I’m so sorry,” you say.

“No problem,” replies one.

“My pleasure,” says the other.

As your journey continues you can’t avoid contact with the two men. They’re standing so close you can’t avoid brushing them with your boobs and butt. You feel the back of a hand pressing against your rear and you try to turn away. But the hand returns, this time cupping the curve of your ass cheek through your skirt.

“Hey!” you whisper.

“Sorry,” he replies. But the hand keeps coming back. You can feel your skirt lifting and fingertips lightly touching the back of your thighs. They trace upward until they reach the edge of your panties, then gently slip inside the elastic.

“Hands off, pervert!” you hiss, twisting around to face him. He just smiles unapologetically. Meanwhile the other man takes advantage of the opportunity to stick his hand up the back of your skirt and between your legs, his fingers pressing against your pussy through your panties. Both men are holding poles with their other hands, trapping you between their arms.

“Hey, help! I’m getting molested here!” you shout, hoping for assistance from the other passengers. But it quickly becomes apparent from their leering smiles that they’re all enjoying the show. Either you’ve stumbled onto a prison bus full of sex offenders, or something very strange is going on. Everyone you’ve encountered today has given off a very creepy vibe. First Scruffy, then your parents, then Mister Perkins and now a whole busload of people seem unable to resist your feminine charms.

“I wish I was the one everybody wanted to fuck…”

Your ill-chosen words from last night suddenly ring in your ears. Could some higher force have heard you? “Oh shit Emma, what have you done?” you ask yourself.

You feel a draft as your panties are suddenly yanked halfway down your thighs. The man behind you reaches around and starts fingering your pussy, pulling you back against him so that you feel his erection pressing against your ass. You gasp as two fingers penetrate you. Thankfully your skirt hides most of the action from the onlookers.

Your modesty isn’t protected for long. The man in front of you untucks your top and slides his hands inside. His hands travel up the sides of your body, bunching your top as they go. Finally your perky bra-less tits are exposed. While you squirm ineffectually he fondles your soft breasts with both hands, before leaning in and sucking a nipple into his mouth.

The bus reaches the next stop and suddenly jerks to a halt. All the standing passengers lurch forward and your two molesters grab at seat backs to prevent being thrown to the floor. For a brief moment you are free to make an escape.