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(Everybody Wants You, continued by buttmansupreme...)

The warm feeling of helping out the elderly is nothing compared to the warm feeling of not having your tits stared at by the elderly. One foot in front of the other, you hope Mister Perkins wasn’t an Olympic runner in his youth as you sprint off down the street. Turning a corner, you rest against a tall fence, panting and cursing under your breath about the weird sequence of events that’s happened this morning. Things start to calm down, and the buzz of adrenaline begins to fade.

The fence is en route to a particularly nice part of town, and let’s face it, right now you need to be in the nicest part you can find. It’s a trip through a hole in the sturdy wooden barrier, and kneeling down, you go in head first. Your breasts squeeze their way through — you’ve done a lot of growing recently — but you’re confident you’re not going to get stuck.

Your behind disagrees. Your hips, while magnificent, have become your shortcoming, and are wedged tightly in the hole. You try and try to pull yourself through, swearing repeatedly about how annoying it is that the fence was too tall to just jump over. You try both moving forwards and backwards, but all you feel is your hips getting wedged tighter and tighter into the hole. You sigh, ready to call out for help, when you are cut off by the feeling of a hand firmly clasping your ass, squeezing your buttocks one at a time. Your panties are pulled down off your kicking legs, and you get ready to scream as you hear unzipping and feel something long and hot rest in between your butt cheeks, sliding up and down until finally it adjusts itself and gently touches your quivering anus.