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(Everybody Wants You, continued by noice...)

You feel the head of his cock penetrate your tight asshole. It’s your first time doing anal — not only do you wish it was more consensual, but damn, it hurts! He slowly edges his penis into you, being tauntingly time wasting, forcing into your ass.

You struggle, jerking your hips in order to try and get his cock to slip out, but he grabs your asscheeks, squeezing them firmly, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh, holding you in place, before he suddenly thrusts. His balls slap against your ass, and you hear a long moan. Your butt is completely clenched, feeling the pain of your first time slowly ebb away.

Your asscheeks are squeezed together tight enough that you wonder if his dick can move at all inside you. You hate this man. He’s dared to steal your anal virginity, and now his dick is firmly buried inside you, refusing or possibly even unable to budge.