Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheSentinel...)

You have to admit that his cock is one of the largest you’ve ever seen and it’s definitely bigger than Dan’s.

You drop to your knees and take his cock in both hands; a little more pre-cum oozes out and you greedily lick it up. Mister Perkins quivers at the contact.

“Oh thank you Emma” he stammers. You’re a bit worried he might collapse so you steer him over to a nearby chair by his cock.

You start with tentative licks on the tip of his cock but eventually you ram it in your mouth.

Mister Perkins gasps and trembles as you work your tongue around his huge shaft and suck on his cock. It’s so large you’re struggling to keep it in your mouth.

He looks like he is on the edge of cumming and now you have to decide if you let him fuck you or not.