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(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheSentinel...)

“Help me” you scream as a man carrying a briefcase walks past on the same side of the fence as your head.

The man sees you and runs over but says nothing to the man fucking your ass. You soon realise this is because he is too busy looking at your bouncing tits which have fallen out of your top.

“Do something!” you shout at the man as the person behind you continues to thrust into you. The man slowly puts his briefcase down and then unzips his trousers letting his semi hard cock bounce free.

He starts moving it towards your mouth and you clench your mouth shut. This does nothing to deter him though as he simply pinches your nose shut. When you open your mouth to breathe he shoves his cock in to it.

You try to bite him but the man behind the fence is thrusting harder than ever so you can’t focus long enough to bite, and any attempt you make to call for help disappears in a gargle because of the cock in your mouth.

Eventually you give up and settle for trying to spit the cock out but it’s getting harder by the second and the man pushes it down your throat as far as he can. You finally decide to give him a proper blowjob and pretty soon he and the man fucking your anus are thrusting in sync.

The guy behind the fence wrenches his dick out of your anus and you feel something brush against your soaking wet clit. Now’s your chance — you could bite this guy and get free or you could stay and enjoy this…