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(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheSentinel...)

There’s an alley nearby. It should be safer than hanging around in the open while you try to decide what to do.

About five steps into the alley something hits you over the back of the head and you black out.

You wake up in a bedroom with each limb tied to a post on a bed with no clothes on, you look to the right and see various sex toys on a table. There is a man sitting to your right.

“Good, you’re awake. Now we can begin,” says the man as he stands up and comes out of the shadows. He is tall and handsome but he is also wearing no clothes. It’s obvious he has been masturbating because his dick is very hard and very big. “I’ve had my eye on you for some time, Emma.”

He sits with one leg on each side of your stomach and his huge cock resting between your tits. He kisses you, thrusting his tongue into your mouth and you can’t help but be drawn into the passionate kiss. He breaks it off quickly though as he moves into a position where he can easily fuck you.

He starts by rubbing the tip of his cock over your pussy and then without warning shoves it in. You gasp as he completely fills you and admittedly stretches you. He doesn’t bother building up speed but just starts as fast as he can with his balls slapping against you.

You try to avoid it but you can’t stop yourself from cumming and you can feel that he is on the edge. Instead of cumming inside of you though he pops his cock out and quickly shoves it in your mouth.

You are too aroused by this point to think so you just suck as soon as it gets in your mouth and pretty soon he cums, forcing you to swallow all of it.

He gets up to leave with you still gasping.

“You are now my sex slave,” he says as he heads up the stairs. It’s probably just because of how amazing that felt but in your head all you can think is that it doesn’t sound so bad.

The End