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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zer0...)

“Oh Mom, he’s so good!” you moan as your dad rubs and licks your clit.

“I know,” your mother chuckles. “Why don’t I see if I can help, dear?” she says, approaching you and your dad, and as you give a loud moan, getting ever so close to orgasm as your father moves his tongue down to focus more on your soaking slit, your mom leans down and snakes her tongue into your mouth, and moves her hands, one playing with your tits and the other rubbing and flicking your clit. You moan and moan into your mother’s mouth as she plays with you and as your dad eats you out, until finally, you have to release.

You let out a loud moan into your mother’s mouth, before you explode, starting to squirt even! The incest kink is turning you on so hard, and your dad is an expert pussy eater, as his face is covered with juices, your mom breaks the kiss and you see a strand of saliva between your tongues, which makes you cum even harder.

Finally, you’re finished, as you lay there panting heavily. But something tells you that your parents aren’t done fucking with you yet, in more ways than one.