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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zer0...)

This feels way too good to bite his dick! You continue slurping on the man’s cock in front of you, and let out a loud moan as the guy behind you moves to fucking your pussy instead, shoving it as deep as he possibly can inside of you. You let out a loud, muffled moan of pleasure, and both men pick up their pace, both thrusting into you in sync, the one in front of you reaching down your throat a bit, and the man behind you almost reaching the entrance to your womb.

Finally, they both spurt at the same time, buried inside you to their hilts. The man whose cock you’re sucking shoots loads of sperm down your throat, and you can feel it in your stomach, while the man fucking your pussy moans loudly as he shoots ropes and ropes of his hot sticky seed inside you. As they’re cumming, a thought occurs to you: you forgot to take your pill this morning! But that worrying thought is quickly doused by the wave of pleasure you feel as you orgasm as well.