Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

You flick your tongue against the tip of his aged member, before standing up. “Are you ready for this Mister Perkins?” you purr seductively.

Turning around slowly, you bend at the waist whilst hooking your thumbs into your knickers which, you must admit, are thoroughly soaked from the thought of taking such a huge cock. Pulling them slowly down your legs, you can’t help but wonder whether he’ll notice that you haven’t shaved them in more than two weeks, but your fears are quickly shattered as you feel Mister Perkins grab your ass and spread your cheeks wide. You nearly jump away from him as you feel his tongue start lapping against your asshole!

“My wife used to enjoy a bit of ass-play young lady,” he announces as you gasp in pleasure. You lean backwards placing your hands on your knees, bracing yourself as Mister Perkins’ magic tongue plays with your puckered asshole.

“Oh Mister Perkins!” you groan. You start to rub your clit as the old man pushes his tongue deeper into your asshole. Stepping out of your knickers (which have formed a neat little puddle around your ankles) you spread your legs to give him better access to your private area.

Suddenly you realize you can’t take his teasing any longer. You stand up sharply and spin around, the shocked look on your neighbor’s face changing to elation as you straddle him on the kitchen chair. You guide his throbbing manhood into your sopping wet pussy, whimpering as you feel his pole stretching you like your ex-boyfriend Dan never could. You slide all the way down to Mister Perkins’ hairy old man balls and start to ride him for all he’s worth!