Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

Elation at your escape seems fill your lungs until you want to shout! Feeling three pounds lighter, you set off at a dead sprint, not waiting to see whether this opportunistic ass-fucker intends to follow you. Heading for the nearest open street, you dash across the road, ignoring the horns of aggravated drivers as you cut them up, only slowing down when you reach the edge of town and start to see other people.

You move at a brisk trot, not giving these strangers the chance for more than a curious glance at the young woman in a torn skirt. Conscious of your lack of underwear, you look up and down the high street, searching for a cafe or restaurant, somewhere that has a toilet you can clean yourself up in.

You pass quickly by a hair dressers and a small charity shop, deciding on the spot that you’ll run in and grab a replacement skirt when you’re in a more presentable state. You run past the small cafe your best friend Claudia works in, knowing only the staff have access to its toilet. There’s no point in trying to explain yourself, not whilst everyone you get near wants to fuck your brains out, at any rate.

You look up again and see just what you’re looking for: The Palace, the most upscale restaurant in town. You poke your head in the door, the toilets are over the other side of the dining floor, which is filled with patrons enjoying lunch. Striding purposefully across the room you grin as you push open the door to the ladies and jump into a cubicle.

You wipe your ass clean, surprised by the lack of mess, and straighten yourself up as best you can. Stepping out into the bathroom you bump straight into one of the waitresses. Instinctively you reach out and grab her arms to stop her from falling. “Sorry!” You exclaim “are you alright?”

You look her up and down, her long, curly, pale blonde hair falling in ringlets down to her butt. Her small button nose and thin pink lips sit below a pair of large, deep green eyes, you can only describe as the color of pond water. Her features are made all the more enchanting by her porcelain skin tone. Your gaze takes in the rest of her body, her shirt is buttoned to her chin, she seems to have ample sized boobs but her tight black trousers show her perfect ass in all its glory. All in all you really wouldn’t mind this girl wanting to bury her face between your legs.

She laughs, a sweet, tinkling laugh that brings a smile to you face. “Yes, I’m fine” she replies quietly. You look into her lovely eyes and gulp as you see the same hungry expression that your elderly neighbor wore just this morning.

“Well… Yes…” you stammer incoherently. “ I’m glad to hear th…” You gasp as this elfin girl in front or you puts her hand roughly up your skirt, clutching you between your thighs. Pushing you against the sinks, she presses her lips to yours, kissing you like you’ve never been kissed by that loser of a boyfriend (whose name you can’t seem to recall at this point). The kiss is like an electric shock, you tingle all over. It starts in your lips and private places, spreading like shockwaves through the rest of your body until your left feeling numb all over.

The waitress’ clever fingers begin to work your pussy lips whilst her thumb rubs tentatively against your clit. You’re shocked at how quickly you become wet. Sticking your tongue down the cute blonde’s throat you guide her fingers into your now dripping pussy, whimpering as she starts finger fucking you like you’ve only seen in porn movies. Your knees start to go weak and you clutch her close to you, both panting with the exertion.

You cry out as the biggest orgasm you’ve ever experienced floods through your body, your vagina gripping her fingers tightly as she continues to pleasure you, you have to beg her to stop and she giggles letting you both slump to the floor, below the sinks. Your head rests on her shoulder as she sucks her fingers clean of your cum. “So,” she announces brightly. “Are you gonna return the favor?”