Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by TheSentinel...)

You push the guy about to fuck you onto the nearest chair and slam down on his exposed dick, burying it to the hilt in you almost instantly. You both gasp at the sudden penetration and you start riding him hard.

One of the other men comes forward with his dick but as you move to grab it the man you’re riding cups a breast in each hand from behind and holds you against him. He rubs your breasts together and starts thrusting in and out of you.

The other man comes back, bringing his dick into reach. You grab it and start masturbating it and as you do you steer him over to the side where you can reach him with your mouth. You have to stop there as you reach climax when the guy your straddling thrusts all the way into you.

When your senses return you can see pre-cum dripping from the dick you’re holding and that the man you’re straddling is on the edge. When you take a quick glance round you see the other two men coming in demanding attention.