Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by sugar_honey...)

As you turn your attention back to the dick in your hand you feel you a hand at the back of your head. Before you know it the man in front of you is face fucking you like his life depends on it. You can feel his tip hitting the back of your throat as he goes deeper, making you gag. The man you’re straddling slowed his pace but has started to build it back up. As he quickens his pace one hands trails down your tummy and finds its way between your thighs. He pinches your nipple as he starts rubbing your clit; small circles at first and then he starts rubbing feverishly.

The other two men have found their way over to you, each placing their cock in your free hands. One, whom you recognize as the bus driver, doesn’t feel very long but is so huge around you can’t get your hand around it properly. The other man, pants still down around his ankles, has began squeezing and pinching your other tit. You feel the man behind you move his hands to your hips and grip them hard. You know he’s about to cum so you try to lift off him but he holds you firmly in place. At the same time he cums with a animalistic grunt, the man you’ve been deep-throating pulls his cock out of your mouth with a wet popping sound and he cums all on your chin, mouth, and chest.

The man behind you lifts you off him and you limply kneel on the floor. Your head spinning, a stranger’s cum spilling out of you, and your body hungry for more, you are vaguely aware of the bus driver and the other man repositioning to their liking.