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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zer0...)

You decide that whatever happens, happens, as long as you can milk the guy you’re riding. You reach up and begin to stroke the man whose cock is in front of you, and you want the guy you’re riding to spurt deep inside you, but you rock those hips a bit too hard and you pull off, right when he’s cumming!

He shoots all over your front side, coating your tits and stomach, as you had lost your shirt a while ago. You quickly taste some of his cum, before you move into the main row to get a better grip on the man’s cock in front of you as you begin to suck it.

As you do, the two men from behind finally reach your ass. One slides under you, his cock hard and free, and he pulls you into a sitting position where you can still suck cock, and he shoves himself deep inside your pussy. Then, what you’re not expecting happens; rather than waiting his turn, the second man quickly reaches your ass and begins to push in. This being your first anal sex event, you groan in pain around the cock in your throat, when soon it begins to feel good.

You’ve never had this before! Three guys all pounding into you, slowly moving into synchronized thrusts, and it feels so fucking good! The guy in your pussy it reaching into the back of you, slightly hitting the entrance to the womb, while the guy in your mouth is basically forcing you to deep-throat him, and the man in your ass is massaging and groping your tits while moving in and out of you rapidly. You feel theirs and your orgasm coming on, and none too soon.