Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Jackson...)

Your grandmother’s words echo in your mind as you leave the retirement home and head into town. As you walk, the possibilities run through your mind. You admit that it is an interesting idea, though crazy and dangerous as well, allowing so many men to have complete control of you and so soon after your break up with Dan.

Walking slowly you give yourself time to work things out in your mind, arguing all of the outcomes that could occur. As your Grandma put it, the “bonking” of your life for one thing. A smile appears on your face as you think of the word “bonking”.

As you walk past random people they all seem to turn and watch you walking. “It’s bad enough getting this attention from everyone I walk past, but my family too”, you say to yourself, concern now visible on your face. “I hope this thing wears off soon, otherwise I can’t go home tonight”. You sigh as this thought sinks in.

There are not many places you can go, maybe your best friend Claudia’s place. She might turn like the rest but at least you’re stronger than her.

More people pass you, staring at you from both sides of the road. Whatever your choice is, you know you can’t stay out in the open too long.

The college library might be a good place to lay low for a while, only a few people and nothing but books, you think.