Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zer0...)

“I can’t believe my daughter is so good at eating pussy!” your mother exclaims, moaning louder and louder as she tightens into a vice like grip around your fingers, and you feel her shudder and cum, loudly and violently.

As her intense orgasm calms down a bit, she looks up at you, and when she does you stick your fingers, wet with your mom’s juices, into your mouth and suck them clean, which makes her shiver with pleasure.

“Maybe I should return the favor,” your mother says, quickly recovering and throwing you down on to the counter, taking your clothes off for you. You gasp as she quickly moves down and sticks her tongue into your dripping slit, the incestuous tongue lapping at every drop from your pussy.

Within moments, you feel yourself drawing closer and closer to the edge with the help of your mommy’s tongue in your pussy, and you moan louder and louder…