Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Paya...)

“Sorry Mister Perkins, but I have plans with my friend!” you yell, while already going away in direction of you approaching friend, Claudia. You see her smiling and waving at you from the distance. You smile to yourself — in fact, you haven’t got any plans with Claudia, you wanted only to get rid of this old man, and her waving indicates, that you indeed had plans together.

You take a moment to think about Claudia. You know her from early childhood, and have been best friends ever since. You always had similar problems and similar thoughts, so you’ve always understood each other perfectly. You know her quite well, but others can’t say the same — she opens up rather rarely and is reluctant to speak of herself. She’s good-looking, you could even say that she would make a good lingerie model, since her body is stunningly hot. Unfortunately for men and the modeling world, she usually wears clothes that cover her sexy body. You wonder why she hasn’t got a boyfriend yet, then remember that she spends most of her free time with you!

Suddenly something tears you from these thoughts, and you realize that it’s Claudia hugging you! You are quite confused, since she never does that. Well, you like to cuddle together on girly nights, and hug when you haven’t seen each other for some time, but she’s never so direct!

“I’ve missed you”, she whispers to your ear, almost seductively,

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too, but we saw each other just yesterday” you reply suspiciously.

“But today it’s different! I feel like we’d always be best friends”, she excitedly says. “Come on, let’s go do some shopping”. Still quite shocked, you join her.

After some time, you arrive at the local mall. Usually, when you go shopping with Claudia, she goes for pants, t-shirts, casual shoes and similar clothes. This time, it is truly different for her. During your visit to the mall, you both try elegant dresses, nightgowns, sexy underwear and lingerie. Claudia watches your every move, peeking when you are half-naked in a sexy, black nightgown (you admit you look stunning) and making comments how your boobs and butt look great.

Eventually you buy black lace panties with a matching bra. It is Claudia that chooses them, but you feel fantastic when wearing them and you think, “I could be wearing these when being fucked by some horny stud.” Then you remember Dan.

You burst in tears and tell your friend how you miss your boyfriend and how much you miss being in his arms when he makes love to you.

“To get him of your mind, you should do something that you’ve never done before,” states Claudia. “Maybe we should visit the strip club?”

“That’s actually not the worst idea I have heard today”, you reply. “Definitely better than spending time with Mister Perkins…”

“There’s one problem though, I don’t have any money for strippers,” says Claudia.

“Me too. I’ve spent my last money on this sexy underwear you’ve told me to buy!” you tease her. In fact, you can see that she blushes a little.

“You look fuckable as hell in them, what could I do?” smiles Claudia. “So how do we get the money?”

You decide to call your mother. “Hello mom, could you help me a little? I need some cash,” you say.

“Hello sweetie. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but this morning you looked so good, that I would like to see more of you. Maybe you could earn that money?” she giggles.

You are afraid to ask after what happened today in your house, but nonetheless you reply “How?”

“Would a little striptease for your mother be okay, honey?”

You end the call so fast, that you almost drop your phone. “My parents won’t give me any money”, you say to Claudia.

“Yeah, mine too. What do we d…”

Before she can finish the sentence, a large truck splashes you with dirty water from puddle. You scream in anger “Why is all this happening to me?!”

You are cold and wet. You have to decide what to do next. Claudia proposes going to her place, with the intent to crash the strip club one way or another. You on the other hand don’t know if you still want to go there. You know one thing for sure. You don’t want to go back to your house, where your horny parents creep.