Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Paya...)

You remind yourself that your grandpa lives nearby, and he’s always been so helpful and protective of you. In your present situation that’s all what you need. You tell goodbye to Claudia (she hugs you again) and you part your ways.

Soon you reach your grandfather’s home. It’s a quite small, wooden cabin, located in some distance from other houses in vicinity. As young girl, you liked playing here with your grandparents. You notice that it’s getting dark, so you hastily approach the front door and knock. After a while, you hear incoming footsteps. Your grandpa is in his early seventies, so he takes some time to get the door.

“Welcome, my dear Emma!” he greets you with warm smile. “Oh my, you had some nasty adventure. You look miserable in those dirty clothes.”

“Hello grandpa. I don’t even want to talk about this,” you reply. “Right now I need to take a shower and find some clean clothes to change into. Also, I’d appreciate a place to stay for the night.”

“Of course my dear. Come on in!” he says and leads you inside. You get a look at him — he looks good for his age, but is a little chubby (he was fitter some time ago, but as he got older he grew some fat here and there.) He walks a little bowed and dresses like men must have dressed when he was young — some old white shirt tucked in his worn out brown material pants, greenish vest and shabby shoes.

It isn’t the first time in past few months that you’ve stayed with your grandpa. Since your grandma, his wife, has passed away, he’s been a little bit lonely, so he welcomes your company at any time. On the other hand, you like your grandpa, and he often helps you with various problems — whether it be your feelings, or money shortage. So, any time you’ve wanted some time alone from the rest of the world, you’ve stayed in his house, where time seems to have stopped.

“Emma, my sweet child, you should take a hot shower,” your grandpa’s voice is soothing. “You can change into some fresh clothes in grandma’s room, and in the meantime, I’ll prepare a dinner for both of us.”

You nod and head to bathroom. You notice that you’re still carrying the lingerie you’ve bought earlier today. You change directions and go to grandma’s room, where you’ll probably be sleeping tonight, and leave your shopping bag there. When leaving the room, you spot some papers on the counter. Despite your need of shower, your curiosity wins and you look at them.

“It’s a fertility test’s result!” you whisper to yourself in disbelief. “Why would grandpa do one?” You are quite surprised though, seeing that the result came positive! He’s still capable of impregnating a woman, hell, he has lost only a small portion of his potency according to those numbers!

In this moment you realize that you didn’t take your pill in the morning. It’s nothing, you think, because you aren’t planning to have sex tonight anyway.