Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Paya...)

“It’s time to take that hot shower!” you tell yourself. You head straight to the bathroom. You start stripping down the moment you leave grandma’s room. You pull off the top first, and your naked boobs spring out from it. They bounce nicely when you walk, waiting to be fondled by some gentle hands. Then goes the miniskirt, and your butt catches air. Shoes are also lost somewhere in the process.

When you are about to take off your panties, you realize that your grandpa might see you. As you are about to enter the bathroom, you take a second to glance at the kitchen and you notice that your grandpa is indeed secretly admiring your half-naked body from the distance! You quickly hide in the bathroom, but you can’t deny the feeling that your grandpa made you a little bit aroused…

You finish stripping and get in the shower. The warm water flows over your naked body and makes all bad things go away — your parents acting super weird, your friend making those strange comments about you, and being splashed with dirty water. Your start to soap your entire body, directing your hands in a way that makes you even more aroused that you were before. You feel your breasts, giving them a nice squeeze. You pinch your pink nipples, which are already hardened from your touch. By the signs your body gives you, you realize that you are touching yourself very passionately. Your hands move down, slowly reaching your nether regions.

You feel increasing pleasure as your fingers touch your pink, shaved pussy. You play with yourself, moving your hands even lower, caressing your inner thighs. You can’t withstand your increasing need to touch your pussy again for long, and soon you come back to rubbing your nether lips. With one hand you start fondling your pretty breasts, while the other one rubs your tiny clit. Your pleasure starts to increase exponentially. You feel growing hotness within you, and it doesn’t come from the warm water.

Your body starts to shiver while you pleasure yourself more and more. Your moves change from being gentle to impulsive. You play with your hole for a moment, making sure it’s wet from your juices. Your fingers slide in extremely easily, making you sigh and moan. You put them deeper and deeper inside you, and begin to move them in and out, trying to make it as pleasurable as you can.

You almost can’t contain yourself — you want to scream from growing pleasure! You try to muffle your ever-louder moans, but to no avail. You don’t even care anymore if your grandpa hears you. You fuck yourself with your fingers so hard that you can’t even think straight. You imagine a hard, big dick plunging into you. Soon your legs start to tremble and you almost fall when waves of pleasure flow through you and you feel the end approaching. Seconds after, your orgasm hits you like a heavy rock and you scream out loud. You slowly fall to your knees, exhausted from masturbating and trying to catch your breath.

“That was the best orgasm that I’ve had by myself”, you say to yourself. “Still, a nice juicy cock would be something right now.”

You finish your shower, wondering if grandpa heard you. You dry yourself with a towel, wrap it around you, brush your teeth and head back to grandma’s room. You check to see if your grandpa is nearby, but he seems to be busy in the kitchen.

Back in grandma’s room, you drop your towel into the ground and, being naked, you begin to rummage through your grandma’s closet. You ignore her latest clothes, they are too old-fashioned for you. Then you find a treasure, the existence of which you hadn’t the slightest idea! Your grandma was buying clothes that made her remember her early adult years — various lingerie sets, pantyhose and stockings, high heels…

You become aroused thinking about dressing like a pin-up girl. You want to wear those clothes, you want to feel sexy and desired by men and women both! You decide to wear your new lacy lingerie, classic black stockings (which make your legs look extremely sexy), a slightly translucent black flared dress and, on top of this, beautiful black open high heels. You look gorgeous. Happy with your looks, you head for dinner. You are quite hungry after all.

Back in the kitchen you see that grandpa made a big effort. He’s dressed in a nice black suit with a white shirt and blue tie. The room is quite dark with dimmed lights. Before you is prepared a candlelight dinner with slow, romantic music… Wait, what? It’s something a man prepares for his loved one, not something a grandpa makes for his own granddaughter! On the other hand, you feel very comfy here, and being dressed so sexy and provocative, you actually may want to attend such a dinner.

“My my, Emma, you look fabulous! You remind me of grandma from her early years,” your grandpa says. You can’t get rid of a feeling that he’s undressing you with his eyes. His gaze is full of lust, though he’s not acting on it… yet.

“Thanks grandpa! Do you like the way I look?” you reply. You actually flirt with him.

“Oh yes, my dear. It’s hard to me to focus with you dressed like this. I don’t know why this is happening though.” He seems to be really confused.

“Nevermind grandpa. Let’s sit and have wonderful evening,” you say.

You sit facing each other and have dinner. Time passes quickly. You drink a couple of glasses of wine, flirting from time to time. You feel like you’re having a date!

Soon you finish your dinner, and grandpa assists you to the door of your room. He says goodnight to you and kisses you on the cheek. He’s real gentleman. Even if he wants you, he won’t make an obvious move.