Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by zoeeatsyouup...)

You notice a huge bulge in his crotch and suddenly feel thirsty for something. You never thought you would even think of having a cock in your mouth other than Dan’s, much less your own dad’s. However, as of this moment, that thought is making your pulse race so much more than before, and desire gets more insatiable with each passing second. Your pussy is wet as it is, hence its time you pay back the favor.

With no hesitation you drop to your knees and start to pull his pants down. Dad’ cock springs out, erect and pointing directly at your face. You can even see that it is slightly wet already, making you wonder how his precum will taste. You start with a lick around the head, teasing him. Then you tighten your lips together and guide his cock into your mouth, using your tongue to wrap around it to savor all of the sweet flavor, bobbing to and fro as you pleasure your dad. It tastes so good you want it all in your mouth, sinking it into your throat deeper and deeper than you thought you could.

“Oh my…. god…. Emma, honey, where’d you learn this…? ah… so good…. ahh….”

You quicken your pace and adjust to his thrusting. What he said spurs you more, even if it’s weird considering that your last blowjob with Dan was not even close to pleasant. Yet here it is, with his eyes closed and moaning so loudly, your dad’s enjoying the sensation of every inch of him in your mouth. Your fingers find their way to your pussy, continuing where dad left off. The whole kitchen now echoes with lewd sounds, between the moans from you and dad.

“Oh baby… I’m going to cum soon… oh baby…”

You get excited hearing that. You picture your mouth full of hot thick cum after he shoots in your mouth, only to have you swallow it all. Not that you wouldn’t, but the idea of him cumming all over your face seems to be hot too. With all that in your mind, you go faster and deeper, urging him to cum quickly.