Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zer0...)

You briefly pull off your dad’s cock, taking in some air. “Cum on my face, daddy!” you beg, and you start to furiously jerk him off, knowing that hearing his daughter plead for his seed on her face would help with the effort of cumming.

Your dad lets out a loud moan, saying “Here it comes, sweetie!” and lets out a louder groan of pleasure as he erupts on your face, cumming harder than he ever has before in his life. His sticky spunk shoots on your hair, some in your right eye, some in your mouth and up your nose, most of it just spilling on to the rest of his daughter’s face. Some of it misses and lands on your tits instead. The feeling of your dad’s cum all over your face and chest is a bit much for you. Your fingers rubbing and fucking your pussy suddenly stop as you shudder and cum, the warmth of your dad’s cum seeping into your skin.

“Oh fuck Emma…” moans your dad, staring at his daughter’s face still covered in cum, a hand between her legs at her pussy and still lightly pumping her daddy’s dick. “My daughter… is the best…” he says, as he turns right back to a hard rock in your hands.

You giggle as you lick his cum clean. “Looks like you’re still hard. Wanna continue?” you ask teasingly.