Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Paya...)

You decide it’s time to get to bed. You want to leave the tough day behind. You say goodnight to grandpa and enter your room. You realize that you are actually too tired to remove your clothes. You strip only your shoes and go straight for bed.

Despite your tiredness, you can’t fall asleep. Thousands of thoughts come and go through your mind. You lie there anxiously with your clothes on, unaware that you’ve been observed for some time.

Suddenly your ears register an almost noiseless sound. Instantly you become startled, and with wide open eyes, you try to localize the source of the strange noise.

“Is someone there?” you send your question into the dark void. “Please show yourself!”

Unfortunately, no one answers you. Complete darkness surrounds you, and furthermore, you are still tipsy from the wine you had earlier. You are unable to focus and hope that you’ve just misheard something.

When you are almost certain, that it was indeed mishearing, you hear the noise again.

This time it is louder.

This time it is closer.

This time someone is touching your face.

You’re paralyzed. You want to run, but your body won’t respond to your commands. You want to scream, but your mouth keeps sealed. You don’t know what to do, in fact, you’re going crazy from the fear that’ve taken over you.

Suddenly you realize that the touch is gentle. Whatever or whoever is touching you, it isn’t trying to hurt you. In fact, you feel that it is trying to calm you down. You indeed feel more peaceful, and your senses begin to tranquilize. You try to focus on that object that is leaning over you. You smell some cheap men’s perfume, which breaks through the smell of soap and old people. Alcohol starts to fade, and your eyes see a man with a chubby posture. You hear the noise of that someone’s breath. It looks, it smells, it sounds…

…like the other only person that should be in this house with you.

“Grandpa?” you whisper. The question hangs in the air.

“I’m sorry, my dear Emma,” you hear his voice. “Ever since I first saw you today, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” His voice staggers. “You look and smell so good and your voice is like heaven to me. I want to touch you. I want to be with you tonight. Please, my sweetheart, be my woman.”

“But you’re my grandpa! We can’t…”

Before you can finish he leans in and closes your lips with his mouth. You are so shocked that you can’t even fight him. His mouth is dry and physically it isn’t too pleasurable for you. Then he tries to gain access to your insides, gently pushing his tongue into your mouth. You are curious, aroused and feel that it would be more pleasurable if you comply, so you part your lips and invite him into you hot wet mouth. Your tongues mix together, and soon your saliva overcomes his dryness. You keep French-kissing with your grandpa for some time, and it feels better with every passing second.

While your grandpa is caressing your face with one hand, he begins to touch your boobs with the other one. His palm cups your breast, which makes your body urge for more. He moves from one boob to another, making your breasts wiggle. His touch is gentle, yet intensive.

“Please, take off my dress,” you say, almost involuntarily.

He proceeds to tug your sexy black dress off, and follows by unstrapping your lacy black bra.

“Oooh grandpa,” you moan. You wonder how it is possible that your own grandfather is so good at pleasuring you, and how it’s possible that you’re enjoying it!

He lies beside you and, by the feeling off the hard, prodding object on your thigh you realize that he is already naked. You also begin to feel warm fluid being smeared on you, knowing that it has to be his precum.

“You smell so good, and your body is so perfect” whispers your grandpa lustfully. “I want to make love to you, my sweetest child.”

Your mind tells you that you shouldn’t let him do this. But your body has already taken full control, and when he starts to take off your panties there’s no coming back. Still, remembering his mouth being so dry, you decide to lubricate him properly with your saliva.

“Grandpa, lie down for a moment and let me take charge,” you whisper seductively. You gently push him onto his back and slowly make your way down to his hard cock. You start by enfolding his tip with the edge of your mouth, which sends shivers through your grandpa. Soon you stick your tongue out and begin licking his shaft from the top downward. Then you engulf his whole penis in one motion and start to bob your head up and down on him.

Meanwhile your grandpa puts his fingers in your wet pussy. You are quite surprised that you are so slippery down there. Being so aroused from this, it sends you into small orgasm and your pussy twitches around his fingers.

You decide that his cock is wet enough and you flip on to your back. You adjust your sexy stockings and spread your legs open wide, waiting in anticipation for your grandpa.

“Come to me grandpa. Make love to me.”

You don’t have to wait long. He quickly sets himself between your legs and places his penis near the entrance of your vagina. He teases you for a moment, making you impatient. You move your hips a little bit forward and slowly impale yourself on his hot shaft.

Your grandpa starts to gently move his cock in and out. His face tells you that you are probably the best fuck he ever had. You are already lost in pleasure as well. You begin to gyrate your hips to make the act more pleasant for both of you. Your grandpa is panting heavily. He increases the speed of his movements constantly.

“Emma, my beloved granddaughter, it feels so good to be inside of you,” he pants. “I’m close darling. Can I come inside you?”

Instantly you remember the fertility test. Also, as you remembered earlier, you haven’t taken your pill today. And you are near the middle of your cycle. There is actually a big chance that you’ll become pregnant.

On the other side, you feel your orgasm approaching. You want it.