Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Paya...)

Screw it. It feels too good to ruin it.

“I want it grandpa! Shoot it inside!” you scream.

This is all that he needs. His rod twitches as he spurts his fertile load one blast after another straight into your womb. This takes you over the edge and you cum yourself, your pussy milking your grandfather’s cock dry.

“I love you Emma,” he exhales and collapses on top of you. You feel his penis shrinking inside of you, as you fall asleep.

Next morning you wake up early and seeing your grandpa naked sleeping beside you, and yourself being in stockings only, you realize what you’ve done. If this happened because of your earlier wish, you now want to undo it…

You collect your clothes and quickly leave. You hope that you wouldn’t get pregnant with your own grandfather’s child…

Nine months later you give birth to your son. He bears genetic illness, which probably came from your incestuous lovemaking.

You’ve told everything to your parents, and they’ve kicked you out. Your grandpa passed away a few months ago. You are all alone.

You leave your hometown, but you can’t find your place. You can’t find a good job, and no one wants you with your ill child.

Was that night worth it?

The End