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(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

You think about Claudia’s proposal for a bit and decide to give it a try.

“I’ve never done anything with another girl before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything,” you say.

Your friend gets a smile on her face.

“I’ll make sure this is an experience you’ll never forget!” she promises.

As Claudia leans in to kiss you, her right hand touches your inner thigh. You shiver at first, but her touch is pleasant as well.

“Let’s get these wet clothes off,” she suggests.

Claudia has already lost her clothes, except for her bra and panties. You have to admit she has a stunning body. After all the extra (and a bit weird) attention from your dog, your parents, your neighbour and now your friend, you start to get a bit horny.

Claudia lifts up your shirt to unveil your bra. For a moment she keeps staring at your tits.

“My God Emma, you are gorgeous,” she says. “I wish I had tits like those.”

“Don’t be silly!” you reply. “Your body is amazing!”

Claudia blushes when you say this. You can tell she is getting aroused. From the moment you first saw her today she has had lust in her eyes and now she doesn’t want to wait any longer. She pushes you on your back and reaches for your skirt. You understand what she wants and you lift up your bottom so she can pull it down. Since it’s all wet it sticks to your legs. Claudia has some trouble getting it off, but after a while she manages to do so and throws it away.

You are now both in panties and bra only. You stare at each other for some time, taking in each other’s beauty.

Claudia lets herself fall on top of you and starts kissing passionately. You return the kiss and move your hands around her back to unhook her bra. After you unhook it, she picks it up with her left hand and throws it into the corner of the room. You push her up and start sucking on her left nipple, while caressing the right one with your hand. While you do this, Claudia reaches for your bra. She takes it off from you and lets it drop on the bed.

“Wait,” says Claudia.

“Did I do something wrong?” you ask, worried that you indeed have.

“No,” she answers as she gets of the bed.

She is reaching for something under the bed.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“Just wait… aaahhh there it is,” she says as she has trouble finding what she’s looking for.

She pulls up a small box. As she takes the top off, you see some toys.

“I know it’s only your first time, but these toys are amazing,” she says.

She can tell you’re not comfortable with this.

“I’ve never used toys,” you protest as you’re getting a bit shy.

“If you don’t want to use them, that’s fine by me,” says Claudia. “But they do give amazing sensations,” she adds, trying to convince you.