Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by thatonegurll...)

You feel your mom’s pussy tightening around your fingers as she begins to thrust her hips, pushing her clit harder against your mouth.

You were trying to keep an eye on your dad, but you lost track of him when your mom started talking and next thing you know you can feel him behind you. You can smell his cologne as he comes closer and closer to you.

You want to turn around, but your mom has handfuls of your hair as she pulls you deeper into her soaked cunt. The next thing you know your dad is pressed up against your back. You can feel his rock hard cock pressing in between your butt cheeks as he reaches around to grab your tits.

Your mom releases you. “You are such a good girl sweetheart. You made mommy feel so damn good. Now we’re going to return the favor.”

You’re confused, but don’t know what to say. You know this isn’t right, but it feels so good. Your dad’s cock is so much longer and thicker than you expected and your mom is looking at you like she wants to devour you. God it feels so good to be wanted.

Your mom slides off the counter and grabs your hand, pulling you towards the kitchen table. Your dad walks around in front of you both and slides everything off the table. You look, startled, as you hear glass crashing against the floor, but neither of your parents seem to notice.

Your mom pushes you back onto the table and straddles your waist, pulling your legs back to give your dad full view of your now dripping wet pussy. “What a pretty little pussy my little girl has!” he says, admiring you. “So tight and wet. Are you that wet just from eating your mom’s hot little slit or are you thinking about Daddy pounding into you?”

Your head is racing. You aren’t quite sure what to say, it seems so wrong, but it’s turning you on so much hearing your Dad talk to you like this. “Both Daddy. It’s both!” you tell him.