Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Wonderful JJ...)

Dan takes his clothes off, his cock springs out as he pulls down his underpants. He walks over to you, with lust in his eyes, then he rubs his 10-inch cock across your pussy and clit.

You moan, “fuck me Dan, fuck me hard!”

Then Dan slides his cock into your pussy until he is balls deep. He starts pounding at your pussy and you wrap your legs around him, moaning “fuck me, fuck the shit out of that pussy Dan”.

Dan continues pounding his cock in and out of your pussy until you have had three orgasms, each more powerful than the last.

“I’m going to cum Emma, I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum baby, here it comes, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!”

You feel his cock swell up as he starts shooting into you, you lock your legs around him pulling him further into you.

After Dan cums, he lays next to you panting.