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(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

“How could you do that?” you ask.

“What do you mean how could I do that?” she replies.

“You’re my mother, you’re not supposed to do that!” you shout at her, not sure whether you’re just shocked or angry.

“I’m sorry dear, I just couldn’t contain myself. You’ve become so beautiful now that you’re a full grown woman,” she replies, a little ashamed of her actions.

“I agree with your mother Emma, you really are beautiful,” your father says.

You don’t know what is happening. How could your parents talk to you like this?

“Listen sweetie, we know the break-up with Dan has been hard on you,” your dad says as he gets up.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” you reply.

“You just need to stop thinking about it for a little while, it’ll be better in a couple of days,” your father says soothingly, now standing right next to you. He puts his hand on your shoulder, but his touch is different compared to the way he usually comforts you. He puts his other hand against your chin, lifting your face up.

“I think you just need a good fuck to forget about Dan,” he continues.

“What?!?” you exclaim, shocked by what you just heard.

You want to leave the room, but as you turn around, your brother walks in. You are shocked to see that he is completely naked. You have nowhere to go with the counter on your left, your father on your right, your mother behind you and your well-built brother in front of you. He’s got his cock in his hand. It’s nice, hard and big.

“This is wrong!” you tell them.

You know this is wrong, so does your family. But you do need a good fuck. You need to forget about Dan. Maybe this would do the trick…

“We just want to help,” your mother explains.

As you look up again, you see that your father is already naked. Your mother is walking away from you, leaving you in the kitchen with two horny guys. You drop to your knees and look up to them. They walk towards you with smiles on their faces.

“You should get naked first,” suggests your brother.

You stand up, undress, and drop back on your knees within seconds. Both your brother and father are stunned by your body.

You’re suddenly impatient. “Today please!”

They move in closer so you can reach their cocks. You grab your brother’s cock, while you put your mouth around your father’s. After about a minute you change, this time putting your mouth around your brother’s cock. They both caress your boobs. You are starting to get really wet, your pussy is almost begging for a cock. After a couple of minutes of sucking both dicks you get up. You don’t have to tell them what’s going to happen next. You grab a condom from a drawer and give it to your dad.

“Fuck me nice and hard, daddy” you say as you smile at him.

You turn your back towards him and bend over. You spread your pussy with your hand as your brother puts his cock in your mouth. Your father pushes the head of his dick against your pussy lips. You can’t stand this. You need him inside you right now. He seems to be able to read your mind, as he thrusts forward, plunging his entire shaft inside. You moan on your brother’s cock, increasing his pleasure.

“Oooohh God Emma you’re tight,” your father says proudly as he starts pounding really hard.

Your boobs move from side to side while you’ve got two cocks entertaining you.

You definitely needed this fuck. You’re close already. You start cumming, your pussy muscles spasming around your daddy’s cock.

After a couple of seconds, you get down from your orgasm. Your dad pulls his cock out of your pussy, tears off his condom and starts jerking off. You understand what he wants and you drop to your knees again. Your brother also starts to jerk off. They aim their cocks at your face. You open your mouth as they start to cum. They blast their sperm all over your face and some lands on your boobs.

They are both trying to catch their breath. You lick some cum from your face.

“So, when is round two?” you ask.

The End