Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Martha J...)

“Fuck you!” you scream, and you sock Claudia’s dad a good one, right in the nose. He falls on his ass, blood gushing out of his face. You attempt to shove past the girls and you get thrown violently back. Your head hits the hardwood floor and you see stars as everything goes black.

Everything slowly comes back into focus. The first thing you are aware of is that your clothes are gone. The second is that you have been crudely restrained with duct tape, your hands behind your back and your ankles together. A pair of panties have been shoved into your mouth, and you get the feeling they’re not yours.

You are lying on a large king-sized bed. The sheets appear to be made of satin. You groan and you hear footsteps approaching.

Claudia and her parents stand at the foot of the bed. You are anguished to see that they’re all naked too.

You attempt to say “What the fuck, Claudia?”, but all they hear is a series of furious sounding vowels.

Claudia’s father steps forward and you are pleased to see his nose is an angry shade of purple, pointing at an angle.

“I hope you don’t mind if I have my turn with her first, Claudia baby.”

Claudia beams at him. “Of course not, Daddy.”

His eyes darken as they meet yours. A wicked grin spreads across his face.

“Good. I believe some retribution is in order.”

Your eyes fall down to his erection, which he’s holding in his hand. Your heart stops as you see its size, and the fact that it is still growing.

With a primitive growl he lunges on you, spreading your legs apart with his knees. You squeal and squirm, attempting to buck him off, but he’s too heavy.

Claudia and her mom cheer him on, telling him to give it to you deep, to tear you up.

“I want to hear you holler,” he growls and roughly rips the tape off your mouth. You do just that as he positions his rod at your entrance and you continue to holler as he quickly jams it into you.

Claudia and her mom continue to cheer him on as he furiously thrusts into you, each one seeming to tear you apart, feeling as though you may split in half. You holler and continue to squirm, but you get a feeling deep down in your belly — a dull, pleasurable ache — as Claudia’s dad continues to rock back and forth.

Your pussy, previously bone dry, starts to moisten up.

Woah. You’re kinda getting into this.

Suddenly he flips you onto your back and lies on top of you, his heavy weight crushing you as he tries to shove it in.

“I’m gonna fuck you from behind now, bitch,” he says, his voice hoarse and raspy.

He jams it in and his long length hits just the spot of your belly ache. He grabs your shoulders and licks your back and neck as he roughly moves his hips. There is no passion in the way he takes you. He calls you names and swears as he pounds into you with an animalistic style that Dan never had.

You feel it coming and he explodes into you, filling your womb with his seed, collapsing on top of you, panting, the smell of his sweat filling your nostrils.