Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

“Wow Emma, you are so much better than Jennifer!” Dan says.

“So we are back together?” you ask nervously.

“Yes,” Dan answers, turning towards you.

“Good” you say cheerfully. “Let’s play some more then!”

“Maybe we should worry about that first,” Dan says, pointing at the cum leaking from your pussy.

“Shit, I didn’t take the pill this morning,” you say, realizing how bad this could be.

“I’ll get a morning-after pill,” says your boyfriend as he gets up.

He puts on his clothes and gives you a kiss before he leaves. You decide it’s time for a shower, so you grab some new clothes and a towel and walk towards the bathroom. When you are in the bathroom, you look into the mirror. Obviously you are much more positive than you were yesterday. You wink at yourself.

“I’m beautiful and he knows it” you say to yourself.

You start to check yourself out. You feel hot. You grab your boobs and caress them. You then move one hand towards your pussy. You enter your pussy with two fingers and start moving around. Your other hand is still touching your boobs. Although you’re still wet from your little adventure with Dan, you decide the shower is a better place to continue. You walk in and let the water flow over your body. As you continue playing with yourself, you think about your boyfriend. You think about how nice he is, how nice he looks and how good he is in bed. You imagine him on top of you, pounding you with all he’s got.

You can’t take it anymore. You feel an orgasm approaching and put another finger in your pussy. This sets you off. You have a hard time trying to not fall to the floor, but you manage to. After you come down from your orgasm, you wash your hair and your body, paying extra attention to your boobs and your pussy.

When you get out and dry yourself, you get dressed. When you step out of the bedroom, Dan is back from the store. He’s got some morning-after pills in one hand, and a pack of condoms in the other.

“You wanted to play some more?” he asks, walking towards you.