Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

“You can stop sucking now,” Dan says.

“So, what is it that you want?” you ask.

“Just wait and see, Emma. Could you lie on the bed please?”

You do as he says. It’s a large bed, so you decide to lie down in the middle. You see Dan going through some drawers. As he walks over to you, you can see what he wants. He’s got some ropes in his hands.

“So you want to tie me up?” you ask.

“Yes. Yes I do.”

“For this time, I’ll agree. But please be gentle,” you tell him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. I do still love you, you know.”

You are glad to hear that. You move your hands up to the bedposts and let Dan tie them up. He picks up your panties and walks over to you, holding them above your mouth.

“You really are terrible,” you laugh, opening your mouth so he can put them in.

“You look incredibly hot right now,” he compliments you.

He moves onto the bed and puts his head between your legs.

“I never expected you to be this wet already.”

He starts licking your pussy.

“He’s good, even better than my mom!” you think to yourself.

As he puts in his finger, you want to scream out loud. But because of your panties, the only sound you make is “mmpfff!”

He doesn’t need to go on for a long time. You’re already close. Your emotions are running wild, first you lose your boyfriend, then you fuck your parents and now Dan is fucking you. While you think about this, Dan hits your g-spot. Your eyes widen and your body starts to shake roughly. Dan keeps licking and fingering your pussy, which extends your orgasm. When you finally come down, he stops.

He moves over, positions his cock above your pussy and slowly guides it in. As he penetrates you, your still-sensitive pussy stretches as far as it can. He moves his head down to your tits and starts to suck on your nipples. You moan as loud as you can. Dan starts to move slowly. You’re going crazy. You want another orgasm, put with this speed you’ll never get there! You would love to instruct him to pick up his pace, but you can’t because your panties are still in your mouth.

“I like this,” he laughs. “I can tell how desperate you are for me to fuck you harder, just from the look on your face.”

His speed does pick up though. He is now moving in and out of you at a nice pace. You wrap your legs around Dan’s back. This gives another angle to the way he’s fucking you, which adds to your sensation as well as his.

You can’t hold it anymore. Your body starts to shake again and your pussy muscles spasm around Dan’s cock. He just keeps moving in and out, not slowing down, not going faster.

After you come down from your second orgasm he pulls his cock out.

For a moment you panic. “Did he cum inside? I don’t want to get pregnant” you think.

But he’s only moving up towards your tits. He puts his cock between your breasts and presses them together. Your pussy juices are enough to make it comfortable for him. As he moves his cock between your tits, he starts to moan. You know what this means: he’s close.

You’re right. He lets go of your boobs and starts to jerk himself off. He blasts his load over your tits, some hitting your neck and face.

“That was great, Emma” he says after a while, still sitting on top of you. He takes your panties out of your mouth.

“Your mouth must be dry,” he says as he leans in for a kiss.

You kiss passionately for a while.

“Yes it was, but after that kiss it isn’t anymore!” you tell him.

You both laugh. You’re really happy now. You’ve gotten him back! And you just got fucked really well.

“How about a shower? I’ve got a shower that’s big enough for both of us,” he suggests.

“Sure, but can you untie me please?”