Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by superfaterul...)

It’s sudden, but everything goes dark, once, twice, and then a third time, the pair in their underwear seeming completely nonchalant as you stumble, eventually falling to the floor, your entire body going numb. You don’t feel the two dragging you inside their house, a firm hand on your ass as you are pulled inside — somehow without anyone else noticing. It’s a pleasant sleep you have, not feeling the rough and tumble of being pulled down stairs into the basement, not being awoken by Jennifer yelling at Dan to leave you two be, and hearing his sad, almost pathetic moaning (honestly, it’s a miracle you put up with him for so long). You don’t feel Jennifer’s hands dance over your skin and turn you over.

Through quite the effort on her part, Jennifer manages to do what she wants with your unconscious body. You dream through her knotting cords around your arms and legs, giving your ass a firm squeeze and then pulling you up off the ground via some kind of pulley system. She’s clearly thought this through — you always heard she had a knack for being inventive, but this makeshift BDSM knockoff was quite the quick creation considering how long you’ve been globally attractive.

You only begin to stir from your dreams as you feel a warmth spread over your breasts and crotch, and the cords around your hands tighten…