Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by superfaterul...)

As your eyes flicker open, the first thing you notice is Jennifer. Her hands are clasped together and there are stars in her eyes, similar to a child at the window of a candy store, but with you being the delicious candy, hanging from the ceiling. The next thing you notice as you maintain eye contact with the enamoured Jennifer is how much heavier you feel. The cords holding you up seem to be straining, and you realise your breathing is much deeper, as well as the warmth that woke you up being stronger than ever before. You look down.

Your breasts are huge now. Well-rounded and soft, with your nipples erect, they have become the biggest you have ever seen. Panicked, your gaze returns to Jennifer, who licks her lips. You see a faint glimmer as fluids drip from her pussy. She pushes a table under you, and stands on it to see eye-to-eye, and she presses her mouth against yours. You almost get into it, feeling her soft lips against your own, but become distracted as you suddenly orgasm with her hands sinking into your breasts. She pulls at them, and once she ends your passionate kiss, sucks a nipple into her mouth and begins suckling as you moan, orgasm after orgasm hitting you — you are far too horny to decide how this has occurred. She turns around, letting each of your fat tits press against her back, and she raises her hips, making contact with something you didn’t know you had.

It’s a dick. It takes her soft ass to make you realize this huge cock has come out of your crotch, and now she is guiding it towards her puckered anus while being smothered by your newly colossal tits.