Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by mben42...)

“I have a better idea Claudia…” you say in a seductive tone.

“What’s that bab…”

Before Claudia can finish you throw her over and assume the dominant position. You now have Claudia on her back. Holding her down with one hand you rummage through the box with the other. You find a coil of rope.

“Emma, what are you doing?” Claudia says with a hint of fear in her voice

You don’t reply. All day people have been basically throwing themselves at you and by now the sexual tension you’ve mustered up has broken. You can’t hold it back any longer.

“Just one second,” you say as you begin to tie Claudia down to the bed. Claudia is squirming underneath you yet you’ve gone this far and you’re not stopping now.

“Emma! Please! What are you doing? I wanted you, but not like this!” Claudia screams as you tie the last of the knots.

Claudia’s huge tits are now completely at your mercy. You stick the right nipple in your mouth and begin to slobber all over it. Her perfectly sized perky pink nipples are just too much for you to handle and you begin to finger yourself. Faster. Faster. You nearly cum when you can hear Claudia moaning, but you decide to do her a favor. You reach in the box again and just as you pull out a eight-inch vibrator you hear a door shut.

“Well, well, well… I thought somebody was a bit horny today,” says Dan with a smirk on his face.

“Dan? How, why, what are you doing he…” is all you get out before his new girlfriend Jennifer walks in and leaves you speechless.

“What were you saying, you seductive little princess you?” Jennifer says just as she begins to strip.

Dan follows suit and soon they are both standing naked and walking towards you. Dan jumps on you and you offer no resistance as he takes off your panties and begins furiously fucking you raw. As your body fills with pleasure, out of the corner of your eye you can see Jennifer undoing the knots around Claudia’s ankles and wrists.

Once Claudia is free, she and Jennifer waste no time. Jennifer has a glorious bottom, and she seems to almost know what you want. She bends over ass up to the right of you just as Claudia begins spanking it. She spanks the right cheek, making it redden instantly. Then the left. The right. The left. Jennifer’s enormous buttocks jiggling intensifies the orgasm that hits you at that moment

Just as you begin to scream Claudia hurries over and plonks a huge DD tit in your mouth that you begin to excitedly pleasure. The other is in Dan’s mouth, and you can see Jennifer bent over behind Claudia, eating out her ass.

“Wait!” Claudia calls out. “I have an even better idea…”

Jennifer and Claudia seemed to discuss this because the plan undergoes action quickly. Jennifer stops eating Claudia’s ass and moves over to Dan. She pulls him out of you and throws him on his back and passionately humps his dick. He slaps her ass in sync with the furious rhythm that they have going.

While this is happening Claudia is moving your body towards the area where she was once tied down. You see the fire in her eyes and know that you’re about to receive the most frenzied fucking in your life. She ties you down, ass up, and begins to move in front of your face. Her shaven pussy seems irresistible at this moment and so you begin eating away. You lick the clit, immediately getting Claudia more hot and flustered. All you can smell is her sweet aroma of her snatch, and you crave something, anything, inside of you.

Your wish comes through. You guess that Dan and Jennifer ended their fun because you can feel Dan’s rock hard cock slowly sinking into… Oh no! It’s in your ass! He doesn’ waste any time and soon has a nice rhythm going. Through the constant slapping sound of your bare asscheeks and Dan’s hips, you hear a faint buzz.

“I thought you might like this,” you hear Jennifer say.

All of a sudden there is an eight-inch vibrator shoved up your cunt, that Jennifer has put right up against your G-spot. You are on the verge of an orgasm as you can feel Jennifer climbing on top of you.

“Eat my ass babe while I suck on these amazing tits of Claudia’s” you hear Jennifer moan. You hear the slobbering sound of Jennifer succulently abusing Claudia’s nipples and suddenly Claudia begins to squirm her hips. She hits an orgasm and begins to fill your mouth with dripping hot cum over and over as you continue licking.

This is too much for you as you begin to hit your own orgasm. You buck your hips up and down as Dan continues relentlessly fucking your ass. The vibrator intensifies the orgasm and soon you can’t stop cumming. This goes on for at least a minute, all the while Dan slapping your ass and pumping constantly.

Dan pulls out of your butt and apparently Claudia and Jennifer want him to have a good time because they untie you and force your pussy onto his huge dick. He’s treated you right so far, and so now it is your turn to return the favor. Claudia steps up to his face on the edge of the bed and begins to smother him in her huge tits. You and Jennifer interchange between riding him and licking his balls and as the five-minute mark hits, you can feel him building up. He sits up, picks you up, and throws you against the headrest of the bed. He never left your pussy, and you don’t believe he is going to. He keeps fucking, faster and faster.

Claudia walks over and now covers both of your faces in her amazing DD tits as you both slobber all over them. Jennifer then stands on top your face and begins to shake her ass in between your face and Dan’s face and you can’t take it. You and Dan are moaning to each other “Oh yeah baby” — “Keep going” — “Oh my god fuck me” and then Dan screams “I’m going to cum!”

“Finish inside me baby!” you say right back.

Dan pulls you back on the bed until you are belly up and begins sucking on your huge tits as he continues to fuck you. Claudia once again comes over and puts her tits in your mouth while Jennifer goes behind Dan and licks his balls.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Dan screams as he begins to cum. One. Two. Three. Four. Load after load he continues to pump his seed into you just as another orgasm hits you. Your vagina tightens around his massive shaft and the river of cum does not seem to end.

“Now it’s my turn,” says Claudia as she pulls Dan away and approaches your snatch with a strap-on dildo you remember being in the box.