Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Nillus...)

With your dad groping your ass and tits, you suddenly feel his cock nestled between your butt cheeks, and without even thinking about it you start grinding your ass up and down his cock.

Your dad puts his hands on your hips, so you reach up and pull your shirt up, exposing your perky tits in all their glory. Your dad leans forward and begins sucking on your nipples, and you close your eyes in pleasure. Suddenly, you feel your panties being pulled to the side, and your dad’s cock poking at your tight entrance. You look behind you to see your mother on her knees aiming your dad’s massive throbbing cock at your pussy.

“Wait, I don’t know if I want to fuck my own father!” you protest.

“Hunny please, I’ve never been so hard in my life, I need you!” your father pleads.

You’ve never considered incest before, but that cock does look like fun.