Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

“Actually,” you say as you lean back on the bed. “I want you to come here and bury your face into my pussy.” Claudia happily obliges and gets down.

She blows on your pussy, exciting it a bit. It’s been a while since you got your pussy licked. Dan had been really good at it, but you two generally only had time for blowjobs.

You are interrupted from your thinking by Claudia beginning to kiss up your thighs. It turns you on slightly. But she keeps being a tease; every time she gets up to your pussy she blows on it and starts again.

The next time she blows on it, you growl and grab her hair. You pull her down close to your crotch. “Stop being such a fucking tease and lick my pussy,” you order. She smirks at you.

“Okay,” she says deviously. She dives in, expertly licking and slurping. She has obviously done this before. You briefly wonder who it might have been, but pleasure hits you as she inserts a finger in.

“Fuck Emma, you are really tight,” Claudia says. You nod frantically, not wanting this to ever end.

“M..muh…muh…more, please,” you gasp out. Claudia pretends to be reluctant.

“Well I don’t know…” she says as she ponders. Then, without warning, she adds another finger. You moan in pleasure. It’s been a few weeks since you have had your pussy filled with anything. Claudia sucks on your clit and you see stars as you orgasm. Claudia pumps harder and lets you ride it out. You hold in your scream. Finally, Claudia pulls her fingers out and offers them to you. You suck your own juices off and smile.

“Where did you learn that?” you ask, breathless. Claudia blushes.

“One of the girls at school is bisexual. She taught me how to do it in the girls’ locker room.” You glance around. You almost want to know who it was but you also feel like having a second round of amazing sex. You think you might be bisexual now too.