Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

“Ok,” you say. “Let’s watch some porn.”

Claudia smiles and she busies herself with connecting her laptop to her TV. You can’t help but notice her still dripping pussy as she bends over to connect the aux cord. The web page to your (and her, apparently) favorite porn site.

“What might we watch?” she asks you.

“Well, let’s just watch a lesbian porn playlist,” you suggest. Claudia scrolls through and finds one she deems good and she bounces down on the bed. You see two beautiful women, one a blonde, the other a brunette, kissing and caressing each other. You curl up closer to Claudia. You are so turned on by this. Claudia begins to rub your clit and you start sucking on her tit.

The girls on the screen are starting to spread out and rub their pussies together. Claudia gives you a mischievous look and she opens up her legs. You hook your leg over hers and you begin to grind into her. You both let out moans and soon you are lost in pleasure. You love it. When you finally separate a string of cum connects the two of you. Claudia is panting.

“So how do you want to finish up?” she asks cheekily.