Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

“No, I really don’t want this,” you say.

Both Jennifer and Dan look down.

“Dan, you’ve told me about how amazing she looks and how nice she tastes. I’ve been looking forward to this and I’m not going to let her ruin this,” Jennifer says, walking towards you.

She’s walking towards you fast and she looks determined to have her way with you. You realize she will fuck you if you don’t get away. As you want to stand up, Dan holds you down with both his hands. For a moment you look into his eyes. You’re scared and sad, knowing that Dan will let this happen to you.

As Jennifer reaches you, she puts both her hands on your head and pushes your head towards her strap-on. You keep trying to fight them off, although you know you’ll never win.

“No, please, don’t do this!” you scream, tears now streaming down your face.

“Suck it you bitch,” Jennifer says.

“You should’ve just given in, Emma,” says Dan.

You’re still fighting them off. Jennifer lets go of your head. You think you might get away. But suddenly you feel Jennifer’s fist hitting your stomach. You immediately stop fighting and pull your knees up towards your chest.

You can’t win this. Your stomach really hurts. Dan lets go of your arms and lifts you up. You decide to let it all happen, not wanting to get hurt anymore.

When you reach the bedroom, Dan lays you down on the bed. Jennifer immediately jumps onto you and starts to tear off your clothes.

“Oooh look, Dan, she’s wearing matching underwear. She wants to have sex!” she says.

“Yes, with him, but not with you, you bitch!” you scream at her. She rewards you by hitting your head.

“Jennifer stop hitting her, if she’s all beat up she not attractive anymore,” says Dan. He’s already naked. He looks towards you and adds “Please, Emma, don’t make this any harder than it is. We’re gonna get what we want.”

You look away from him. How could he do this to you?

Suddenly you feel the strap-on pressing against your lips.

“Open up,” Jennifer says.

You open your mouth and immediately she pushes the strap-on as far as it can go. She’s not going easy on you, moving in and out of your mouth very fast.

Dan has joined the two of you. He moves his hand from your inner thigh to your pussy.

“She’s already wet,” he observes.

“Good, then there is no reason to waste time, fuck her already!” Jennifer tells him.

You feel the head of his cock against your pussy. With one thrust he buries his complete member inside you. Instead of letting you get used to the feeling of his cock inside you, like he did when you two were together, he immediately starts to fuck you hard.

“Damn, she is so tight!” he says.

“It’s a good thing I’ve given you a blowjob this morning, otherwise you would’ve shot your load already,” jokes Jennifer.

You are disgusted by the thought of another woman blowing Dan. At this time you also realize two thing, one of them quite important; first of all, you didn’t take the pill this morning. Second, you’re aroused by all that happened today and are now at the brink of cumming.

Your eyes widen and you start to make some noise, except from the moaning.

“She wants to say something,” Jennifer says. “Should I let her?”

“No, it’s probably some bullshit about her not wanting this,” Dan replies.

Actually, you just wanted to tell them about not taking the pill. You feel Dan moving faster. You know what this means; he’s close. This day just keeps getting worse by the minute. First you lose your boyfriend, then your dog cums on your leg, your parents look at you like you’re some kind of fuck object and now you’re being raped and possibly you’re going to get pregnant.

Although everything on your mind is negative, your body is enjoying what’s happening. You cum while being raped.

Both Dan and Jennifer start laughing. This is really humiliating to you.

Although Dan is close, he manages to hold off while you cum.

“Let’s change positions, I want to cum in her mouth,” he says.

“Good,” you think. That way you won’t get pregnant. Maybe this will even give you a chance to escape. But they’re too smart to let that happen. Dan pulls out of your pussy as Jennifer pulls out of your mouth. She moves up, so now your mouth is under her pussy. Good thing she’s wearing that suit. Dan sits on top of you, his cock in between your tits. Since you can’t get away, Jennifer knows it’s safe to move away. She lifts herself up and moves to your right. She then moves down a little and pushes the strap-on against your soaked pussy.

“She’s enjoying this more than we are, judging by her wetness,” she says.

Dan doesn’t respond. With Jennifer moved away, he puts his cock inside your mouth and starts to fuck you really hard. He can’t hold on any longer and he fills your mouth with his cum. You almost choke, but manage to swallow it all.

“Good girl,” he compliments you. He keeps fucking your mouth.

“Did she swallow it all?” Jennifer asks.

“Yeah she did.”

“Good. That means I don’t have to change the sheets,” Jennifer jokes.

“Well, I wouldn’t be sure about that. I’m not done with her,” Dan replies.

“Don’t worry,” Jennifer says. “Neither am I.”

This is going to be a long day for you.