Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

“Okay,” you say. “As long as we stop if I feel uncomfortable.”

“You’ve got my word,” Dan says. You feel a bit turned on to the thought of fucking your ex and his new girlfriend. You willingly undress as Dan kisses Jennifer.

“Down on your knees,” Jennifer says. You obey and get down. She brings her big strap on dick to you and presses it against your lips. Dan whispers something to her and she smiles. You open your mouth and immediately Jennifer begins to throat fuck you. Dan must have told her how good it feels to be dominated a bit.

“Gak gak gak,” is the only sound you can make as you choke on the strap on. Dan begins to suck on Jennifer’s pink nipples. Jennifer starts to moan.

Suddenly Jennifer pulls out of your mouth and leaves you gasping for air. Dan grabs your hips and puts you on the couch. His cock is rock hard now and he pushes it into you. Jennifer gets next to you and starts sucking on your nipples.

You are loving this. Your ex-boyfriend’s cock is pumping into you and another girl is sucking on your tits. You begin to feel Dan speeding up. This is not good. It means he is about to come, but you aren’t on the pill.

Before you can say anything, he pulls out and leans over you. Jennifer breaks away and opens her mouth too. He sprays cum all over both of you.

You are breathing heavy, but you still haven’t orgasmed yet. Dan senses this and says “let’s go to the bedroom. I have an idea.” The three of you adjourn to the bedroom. You wonder what might be next. Jennifer surprises you as you walk, reaching her hand under you and rubbing your clit.

Finally, you reach the bedroom.