Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

“So we could become some kind of friends with benefits?” you ask.

“Sure, whatever you want,” Jennifer says as she rolls her eyes. “Can I fuck you now?”

“I’d rather have you to myself, but I won’t refuse a sex relationship,” you tell Dan.

“You’ll like it Emma, I’m sure,” he answers.

Jennifer walks up to you, holding the strap-on in her hand, pointing it towards your mouth.

“Although I want sex, I’m not sure about that strap-on,” you tell her.

She seems disappointed.

“Maybe another time?” you tell her, trying to minimize her disappointment.

Dan and Jennifer look at each other for a moment. Dan nods his head and Jennifer starts to get out of the suit.

“Too bad,” she mumbles.

You want to apologize, but Dan pulls you in for a kiss. You kiss for some time and when you’re finished, Jennifer is naked.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Dan suggests.

But Jennifer disagrees. She kisses you and starts squeezing your tits.

“Ok, I guess we’ll stay here then,” Dan says as he starts to undress.

When Jennifer finally stops, Dan is naked.

“You better lose those clothes before I tear them off,” he says as he jerks is rock hard member.

You waste no time doing so and within seconds you’re naked as well. Jennifer pushes you on the couch and jumps onto you. You start making out. Since she’s almost the same height as you are, your pussies touch each other. You both start moving so they start rubbing together.

“Ladies?” Dan asks.

Jennifer breaks the kiss and smiles at you.

“Since she’s being so nice, she can have you first, but don’t you dare cum without having fucked me!” she says.

She moves away and Dan stands next to the couch, where your head is. You get comfortable and open your mouth for him. He moves forward so his cock is now inside your mouth. You put your lips around his shaft and start moving up and down. In the meantime, Jennifer has moved to the other side of the couch, where your soaking pussy is. She starts to lick your swollen lips and puts a finger in. She has obviously done this before. She knows exactly where and how to touch you.

Because of her expertise, you cum really fast. You moan onto Dan’s cock.

“Hey, don’t make him cum yet!” Jennifer tells you.

Dan pulls out of you as you try to catch your breath after your orgasm. Jennifer crawls on top of you, positioning her pussy above your mouth. You immediately start licking her pussy lips. Dan has moved to your pussy and puts his cock right in front of your opening. As he slowly pushes his cock inside, you moan into Jennifer’s pussy. Once he is fully inside, he starts moving in and out of you slowly. You focus on making Jennifer cum. She’s moaning hard, so you know she’s close. You decide that putting in a finger might help. You start thrusting your finger in and out of her pussy while also licking her clit.

As Dan starts to move faster, he pulls Jennifer in for a kiss. With his hand he starts to caress her tits. Your finger-fucking and licking in combination with the kiss and the touch of Dan’s hand sets her off. As she moans even louder than before, she cums. To your surprise, she’s a squirter. She squirts all over your face.

When Jennifer finally comes down from her intense orgasm, she looks down and sees the mess she has just made.

“I should have told you that that happens sometimes” she says, a little embarrassed. “Sorry” she immediately adds.

“What are you apologizing for? That was fucking hot!” Dan exclaims, still thrusting in and out of you. It actually was kind of hot. And because of that, you are on the brink of another orgasm. Jennifer sees this and moves her head down, towards your pussy. She puts her tongue against your clit and starts moving fast. The combination of her touch and Dan’s movement set you off, making you cum for the second time.

“I guess even Emma liked it,” Jennifer laughs.

“Sweetheart, if you want me to fuck you, we’re going to have to do it now — I’m not going to hold my orgasm for long,” Dan says.

Hearing him call Jennifer sweetheart hurts you a bit, but the feeling of the amazing sex is stronger.

Jennifer stand up next to the couch and Dan pulls his cock out of you. You stand up after them and Jennifer gets back on the couch. She is on her hands and knees. She looks back at Dan.

“What are you waiting for?” she asks.

He moves behind her and positions his cock at her opening. As he puts his cock in, he moves forward and grabs her tits, squeezing them softly.

“Come here, Emma” Jennifer says.

You move towards her face and lower yourself. You are now face to face with the girl who stole your boyfriend. But you don’t feel any anger. You feel lust. You start kissing her. She returns the kiss and moans into your mouth. As Dan increases his pace, she has to break the kiss. She’s moaning hard and breathing fast. You move away from her.

You move onto the couch, behind Dan. He has his hands on her ass cheeks now, holding them firmly to pound her as hard as he can. You lean against his back, putting your hands on his chest and moving them around.

“You really like him, don’t you?” you ask Jennifer.

“Ohhhh… ye — YEESSS!” she shouts.

“You like to feel his big cock moving in and out of you, don’t you, you slut!” you taunt.

Your dirty talk sets them both off. Jennifer cums and squirts again, this time soaking the couch. Dan blasts his load inside Jennifer’s pussy.

When they finally come down, you three sit next to each other on the soaked couch.

“So, can I fuck you with my strap-on next time?” Jennifer asks.

The End