Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by hornyc69...)

You don’t know what’s come over you, but you feel sexy and decide that it’s time to take the lead. Maybe it’s the wine, maybe it’s because your boyfriend just left you, but you want a fuck.

“Follow me Grandpa,” you say, and you pull him gently by his tie into the dining room.

“I know you’ve been watching me all day Grandpa…” He looks at you sheepishly. “…and it really turns me on.” The grin that comes across his face then is the biggest you’ve ever seen. You decide to go all out.

You rip your top off, exposing your breasts, and you rub them in his face while undoing his zip and reaching for his wrinkled old cock. Then he goes crazy.

He spanks your ass pretty hard, then forces you to bend over the table. He tugs your panties to one side and rams his dick hard and fast into your anus. Not only is it weird, you’re actually an anal virgin so it hurts like hell too.

“Grandpa, no!” you beg, but the red mist has descended and he’s long lost to it.

“Fuck you, bitch!” he screams and slaps you hard in the face. Then his penis begins to throb. You know what’s coming but it’s too late to back out. You just decide to get it over with quick and fuck him hard, and he unloads years of stored cum inside you.

Then, just after being taken anally by your Grandpa and filled with his musty old semen, you see the shadow of another man through the window. The door smashes down, and you see him. You recognise him immediately, and know that today is about to get much worse.

“I hope you don’t mind dear,” your Grandpa mumbles, still breathless from unloading one of the biggest loads of his life, “but I invited Mister Perkins for sloppy seconds of your sweet virgin ass. Or you could let him in your cunt if you really want.”

Well it’s good to know you’ve got a choice of some description…