Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

Your phone rings right as you are deciding what to do. It gives you the perfect excuse.

“Sorry Mister Perkins,” you say unapologetically. “I have to take this.” You begin walking away as you check the Caller ID. Dan is calling you. You pick up the phone. For a split second you think he might want to get back together.

“Hello?” you say, half hopeful, half angrily. He did break up with you after all.

“Hey,” Dan says. “I woke up and I was thinking about you.” You blush. Maybe he does want to get back together. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” he continues. “It’s here at my house. You should come on over.” You wonder what this surprise might be as he hangs up.

You begin to walk to Dan’s house. It isn’t very far, about 10 minutes of walking.

You reach the house. That bitch who stole him, Jennifer, doesn’t seem to be here. Her car is nowhere in sight. Dan, on the other hand, is standing in front of his mailbox. You walk up to him and he hugs you.

“Emma” he says, smiling. “I am so glad you came. I’ve got a big surprise for you. Follow me.”

He brings you into the house and leads you up to the bedroom. The door to the bedroom is closed.

“Go ahead,” Dan urges. “Open it. The surprise is in there.”

You push the door and it creaks open.