Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Nillus...)

Overwhelmed by lust, you say nothing as you look your father in the eyes and slowly begin lowering yourself onto him.

“Oh fuck Emma, you’re so goddamn tight,” your dad groans.

You stop about halfway down his length as you realize your dad’s not wearing a condom.

“Daddy, maybe you could put on a — UNGH!”

You’re stopped mid sentence as you feel your mom grab your hips from behind and slam you down the rest of the way. You open your mouth to protest again, but suddenly your father starts fucking his thick cock back and forth inside you. All logical thought flies out the window as you close your eyes in pleasure.

“What the fuck!”

Your eyes snap open to see your brother standing in the doorway, mouth agape at the sight of his mother touching herself while watching his sister get fucked by his father.

“Why don’t you join us son, we’ve only just started,” your father suggests.

The look of surprise on your brother’s face is slowly turning to that of lust. With reason beginning to return to your head, you’re questioning why you’re even fucking your dad, never mind the possibility of your brother too.

You have to decide what to do, and fast, as you can see a tent forming in your brother’s pants.