Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by ilp99...)

“I guess it’s lunchtime, you already gave her the calories and proteins she needs, but we need to eat something too,” Jennifer tells Dan.

Dan looks at you. He pulls his cock out of your mouth and stands up. He’s now standing beside you. He grabs some ropes and before you understand what he’s going to do, he ties your right hand to the bedpost. Jennifer has done the same to your feet. While Dan ties up your left hand, you start to cry.

“Please, just let me go,” you sob.

“I’m not at all finished with you, slut,” says Jennifer.

“No, Emma, you’re going to stay for a while. We’re going to have a lot of fun with you. Starting after we’ve both had our lunch,” Dan says.

You keep crying as Jennifer and Dan get dressed and walk away. You start to think about your relationship with Dan. He loved you like nobody else could. He also fucked you like nobody else could. He did it with so much passion, making sure you came multiple times. Just seconds ago he roughly fucked you, caring about his pleasure only.

After a while Jennifer and Dan return. They quickly undress and you see that Dan’s cock is rock-hard again. Jennifer moves to the side of the bed and drops down on her knees. She looks at you and smiles before opening her mouth and looking towards Dan. He approaches and puts his cock inside her mouth. Jennifer starts to suck. You can see her giving all she’s got; she’s licking his shaft, sucking his balls, jerking him and ultimately even deep-throating him.

“That’s how it’s done. You could learn a lot from her, Emma,” Dan says.

This makes you cry harder.

“Shut up!” Jennifer yells.

You can’t. After all that’s been happening, you need to let it go.

“Looks like we need to shut her up ourselves,” Dan says.

Jennifer walks over to her strap-on and puts it on. She walks over to the bed and lays herself next to you. Dan starts to untie you.

“Make one move and you’ll be this city’s sex slave for the rest of your life” he tells you.

“How could you do that to me?” you ask him in between sobs.

“Because he doesn’t love you,” Jennifer says.

When you’re free to move again, Jennifer sits on the bed, leaning against the wall.

“Suck it” she says.

You decide to completely give in, hoping that that might mean they’ll let you go. You’re now sucking the fake cock while you’re on your arms and knees. Jennifer is holding your hair so she can see you doing it. Dan sits behind you, pointing his cock towards your wet pussy. In one thrust he completely buries himself inside your love tunnel. You moan loudly on the plastic cock in your mouth.

“She likes it,” Jennifer laughs.

You don’t, but your body does. Again your body will betray you. Tears are still streaming down your face as Dan starts to thrust harder. He’s now doing you really hard. You moan loudly, but your sounds are muffled by the big strap-on in your mouth. Jennifer pushes your head down as far as you can go, pulling back lightly just before you would choke. Strings of saliva now hang from your mouth. You’re a real mess. From behind, Dan grabs onto your bouncing tits. He squeezes hard. Although you don’t want to, this does make you cum. Your body shakes for several seconds, before your legs collapse and Dan’s cock falls out of your pussy.

“Fucking slut!” he yells at you.

He pushes you against Jennifer. She lifts you up, so your pussy is now right above her strap-on. Dan points it at your pussy and helps Jennifer to lower you onto it.

“Aaaahhhhhh,” you moan loudly as your pussy gets penetrated by the huge fake cock.

Jennifer pulls you in for a kiss. You return the kiss, hoping to avoid punishment. You also caress her boob with your right hand.

“She really is into this, Dan. Now fuck her ass!” she says while breaking the kiss for a couple of seconds. You’re eyes widen and tears start to flow again. Jennifer sees this and laughs at you.

“Nooo… hmmmmm,” is all you can get out, as Jennifer kisses you again. This time she puts her tongue inside your mouth and starts wrestling with yours. You moan again as you feel a cold liquid being poured onto your asshole. Soon after, Dan penetrates your ass.

Both Dan and Jennifer start sliding in and out of you. Your ass has never been touched by anyone, so it’s really tight. This hurts you very much, but also gives great pleasure to Dan. Maybe if you would have let him fuck your ass, he wouldn’t have left you.

Dan doesn’t last long. After Jennifer’s great blowjob and fucking your pussy, your tight ass makes him cum. He blows his seed inside your ass. After he’s done, he pulls out and cum starts leaking from your ass. Jennifer pushes you away and takes off her strap-on. She then holds your head against her pussy.

“Lick her!” Dan shouts.

“You better make me cum fast,” Jennifer adds.

You start licking. Lucky for you, Jennifer doesn’t last long. After a couple of minutes she reaches her point of no return. After coming down from her orgasm, she looks at the sheets. They have blood and cum stains on them.

“You bitch!” she yells. “Now I have to clean them,” she adds, hitting you on your head once more.

You just lay down on the bed.

Dan and Jennifer talk to each other for some time. You can hear them, but you have no energy to focus on what they’re talking about. Suddenly they walk up to you. As they’re still naked, you expect to be fucked again.

“You’re free to go,” Dan says.

They both get dressed and go downstairs. You just lay down. You want to go home. But on the other side, you want Dan to be with you, love you, and make passionate love to you. Also, you were getting turned on by today’s events. While thinking about what happened in the last couple of hours, your pussy gets wet again.

You don’t know what to do. Will you leave and go home, or will you stay and get used some more?