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(Everybody Wants You, continued by Zer0...)

As you continue to bounce up and down on your daddy’s dick, you spread your behind in a welcoming way. “Come on bro! I haven’t got all day!” (but you might just make today a day dedicated to this if it continues on.)

Your brother’s lust overtakes his reason as he quickly drops his pants, glancing at his mother rubbing her own clit, and he walks over to you. Your dad momentarily slows you down to a halt, and you can feel him pulsating as your brother lines up his meat with your ass. You groan loudly as you feel him push himself inside of you, centimeters at a time due to a lack of lubrication.

“So… tight…” he says through gritted teeth.

Eventually, your brother’s cock is halfway buried in your anus, and he starts to pump it in and out slowly, and then your father grabs your ass and thrusts himself upward, slamming into your womb and you scream in pleasure.

After a while they both pick up the pace, and your brother can fit his whole length in your back end. Your dad and brother start going in sync and you moan louder. “Oh, fuck me daddy! Fuck your daughter’s tight pussy! And fuck my ass, bro!” you moan. They happily oblige and continue, going harder and harder.

Your mom, who is still frantically rubbing herself in a chair watching you getting pounded by your brother and father, speaks out. “Oh yeah Emma, do you like getting pounded in the ass and pussy by your brother and daddy?” she asks, her voice a bit shaky.

“Yes! I love it! I love it so much!” you exclaim, feeling your orgasm drawing near, as well as the rest of your family’s.

You are the first to cum.

You feel your mind shatter with pleasure as it all nearly overwhelms you. Your dad’s big cock in your pussy, your brother’s thick length in your ass, your mom watching it and frantically fucking herself. You start to squirt a little, and your holes clamp down on either shaft inside of you, causing greater friction and pleasure, preventing escape.

Your brother cums second.

You hear him groan loudly, albeit faintly to your ears, and then you feel a warmness coating the inside of your ass, the liquid sticky and filling you to the brim with the thick sperm, but that’s nothing compared to what’s next.

Third, is your daddy.

Your daddy gives out one final grunt, and due to the vice-like grip of your hole, he can’t escape and pushes himself in, hitting your cervix and releasing his load of thick, gooey sperm inside of you. This causes you to scream out again, as the pleasure intensifies, and because you know you forgot your pill this morning! Ever since your break-up with Dan, you didn’t think you’d be having any sex today.

Finally, your mom reaches her peak.

She moans and screams and starts squirting high into the sky, knowing that her daughter probably just got impregnated by her father, and the fact that her daughter is the most beautiful thing in the world to her. And for today, everyone else too.

As you all lay there, panting, incestuous cum leaking from both your unprotected holes, you wonder what to say or do next.