Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Everybody Wants You, continued by Pliny the Even Younger...)

“Let’s watch something a bit more extreme,” you purr seductively.

Your friend grins. “Such as?”

You clamber over her to reach the laptop and she giggles as you straddle her chest. You quickly type something more to your liking — ‘extreme blowbang’ — and select a video that has a thumbnail of a pretty little blonde smiling seductively at the camera.

“Blowbang?” questions Claudia. “What’s that?”

“Just watch,” you say with a small smile. “It’s hot! I promise,” you add, brushing your lips against hers.

You skip the start of the video — nothing good happens till the last third anyway — and settle back to watch. You wrap Claudia in your arms and the video jumps straight into the action. The actress, now with mascara running down her cheeks, is deep-throating a huge, veiny cock — her throat bulging and her baby-blue eyes widening in sync with the powerful thrusts.

“Oh my!” exclaims Claudia as she looks up at you, her eyes nearly as wide as the girl’s are in the video. “You’re into this sort of thing?”

“Oh! Hey now, don’t judge!” you say laughing. “It’s just a fantasy! You’re really telling me you’ve never dreamed of being taken like that, by a group of hot guys, against your will?”

“Well…” your gorgeous friend stammers. “Of course I have, but my fantasies have never included having a nine inch cock rammed down my windpipe!” You both look back to video, where the young actress is clearly being pushed to her limits, taking three rock hard members in all of her orifices.

“I’m just saying, how can it possibly be a turn on?” Claudia mutters under her breath.

“Well,” you announce bossily, “let’s find out!” You lean back and rummage through your best friend’s box of treats, grunting in approval when you find what you’re looking for.

“What have you got?” Claudia asks timidly.

“Shut up and watch the movie.”

You search some more and find some strawberry flavoured lube, which you proceed to pour over the head of the big, black, eight inch Doc Johnson dildo that your friend has been hiding from you.

Once the black rubber is glistening you turn back to Claudia, who is engrossed in the sight of the petite blonde having her arsehole destroyed by two huge schlongs.

You grab a handful of your friend’s hair and pull her head back. She gasps in shock as you place the tip of your weapon against her parted lips. “Open wide…”

Claudia was always a little submissive when you both experimented in high school, so she opens her mouth at your command, and needs only a little coaxing to relax her throat as you push the huge dildo deep into her gullet. You begin to pick up pace, thrusting the rubber cock roughly into your friend’s body. You sigh in appreciation as Claudia’s throat bulges like the girl’s in the video, still playing on screen. When you suspect she’s about to pass out, you pull the implement slowly from her throat and Claudia gratefully gulps down air.

She gawps in silent astonishment at the thick, unbroken, rope of saliva attached to the dildo and her lips. Your finger quickly breaks the saliva away from Claudia’s mouth and transfers it to your own. You slurp hungrily until the massive tool is pressed against your own lips. Pushing it to the back of your throat you swallow the head of the big black cock and push it down as far as you dare, before letting it pop back out of your mouth.

“Emma…” she barely begins the sentence before you cut her off.

“Deep breath now…” The girl whimpers but does as she’s told, opening her mouth obediently, as you set to work stretching out her throat.

This time Claudia is much more enthusiastic and she begins to work her clit with one hand while frigging herself with the other. Her pace quickens as you violate her throat before finally she loses control. The way her eyes roll up into her skull, the long, drawn out moan of ecstasy and the contractions of her abs and thighs as she has an enormous orgasm nearly tip you over the edge as well.

You both lie on the sofa panting and you pull all eight inches out of the girl’s throat with a satisfyingly wet, popping noise. “That was, by a million fucking miles, the best orgasm I’ve ever had!” Claudia babbles. You chuckle and lean forward to kiss her beautiful lips.

“What do you wanna do next?” asks Claudia eagerly.